Kanye’s “Late Registration” Turns 12 Years Old

Kanye’s sophomore album Late Registration hit its 12th birthday today, and as an avid Kanye West fan, I couldn’t be more pleased to celebrate. Although I’ve been guilty of favoriting Mr. West’s catalog  for every other album (i.e. College Dropout, Graduation, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy), the follow up to his College Dropout debut earned him a well deserved platinum status. The Chicago native earned more notoriety in Hip Hop as his colorful drum patterns and bass heavy production style gave his listeners better insight to his cockiness, political views, and his declaration of love for his mama.

Looking back, Late Registration had a lengthy feature list comparable to a DJ Khaled album. The late Bernie Mac, Adam Levine, Lupe Fiasco, Jamie Foxx, Paul Wall, GLC, Common, The Game, Brandy, Jay-Z, Nas, Consequence, Cam’ron, and more. This was the album that catapulted him to the big leagues with Grammy nods. Late Registration is a dope album to say the least and its crazy how its been 12 years already.

5 milestone Late Registration era Kanye moments:

  1. Kanye, king of the humble brag, made an Oprah Appearance revealing how he went to art school and has always wanted to do fashion design. Unfortunately his “Pastelle” line never took off.
  2. Kanye showed up to The 48th Grammy Awards with his chest hair out in a John Travolta Saturday Night Fever inspired suit. He beat Common (BE), Missy (The Cookbook), Eminem (Encore), and 50 Cent (The Massacre) for Best Rap Album.
  3. Kanye made dating a “Gold Digger”not such a bad idea and had everybody doing the head jerk dance in the video.
  4. In a sit-down interview with MTV, Kanye gets candid with Sway about being homophobia in Hip Hop.
  5. Kanye announces “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” in live telecast covering Hurricane Katrine. Epic.

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