7 Success Commandments



Life is so full of distractions, and for all my ambitious go getters, eliminating them can be a daily task. No matter how big or small, distractions will rob us of our time, and potential opportunities.

Here are Seven Success Commandments to help you reach your dream.

  1. Don’t rush your come up

Success is not limited by one definition, as it means something different to each person. We often fall in love with the idea of the bigger picture, creating a set path within the confines of expectation. Then, that thing called “life” happens. Our timeline doesn’t go as planned and now our efforts look more like failures. That’s typically where we become the most critical of ourselves, overthink our decisions, and the time that flew by.  Is this natural? Absolutely. But here’s a major key: relax. No one in history has ever went from point A to point B without setbacks in between. Get acquainted, learn, love, and grow with the process. Look at the smaller milestones that lead you steps closer to where you’re destined to be. Each goal met, not only allows you to bask in small victories, but also discover what works, what doesn’t, and the discipline needed to focus. Success is a marathon, not a sprint. Whatever is truly meant for you, will never pass you by. Keep that mantra, and your perceived failures will turn into lessons of wisdom.

  1. Keep your vision in front of you

So, you know what your goals are. Cool. Now organize those thoughts. It’s been said that we are more likely to accomplish and remember things of importance if we put them in writing. I can’t quite quote who said it, but from personal experience, its pans out to be true. As corny as it may seem, vision boards are one of the best creations known to man. Yes, these boards take time, planning, and organization, but what better way to develop those quality skills than with magazine cut outs, poster board, and a glue stick? This simple self-discovery project forces you to carefully research words and images that reflect your goals and values. From there, you organize them into a visual for plan execution. If vision boards aren’t your thing, have a cork board, dry erase board, or a calendar and write down affirmations, plans, and deadlines. Think it. See it. Speak it. Now, watch everything come into fruition.

  1. Watch what you feed yourself

This is in terms of a mental diet. The more junk you feed your mind, the less room you have for content of substance. Trash is trash, and when you’re trying to stay focused, it clutters your mind the way fast food clogs arteries.  The internet makes it easier than ever to either propel us toward success, or get us so caught up in the matrix, we waste time and get left behind.  I’m not saying stay off social media forever, or cancel your internet service. Rather, be consciously selective. Nurture your mind, body, and soul. If social media is necessity (in some cases it can be),Spend time following who and what is influential in respect to your goals. Subscribe to a newsletter based on your interests (or even other cultures to keep you well rounded). Watch YouTube videos of motivational value. Take a break from trap music and listen to Oprah’s podcast. Read a book on self-mastery. Absorb the energy and knowledge needed to strengthen your craft. Focus on your focus, and feed your higher consciousness. Whatever you feed will grow, and whatever you starve eventually dies.

  1. Don’t fall off

Consistency will always be key. Do a little each day to bring you closer to the short-term goals that will manifest into your bigger dream. Give yourself a set number of hours to develop yourself, as you are the most important project you will ever work on. Then, challenge yourself to do more. It’s ok to skip happy hour to practice your craft. Study relentlessly with a goal of development, not perfection. Career wise, practice your craft every day. Practice first thing in the morning. Practice before you go to bed. Practice in your sleep. Whatever you do, just be consistent with actions.  Consistency will turn your actions into your lifestyle, and nobody but nobody will be able to break you from your focus.

  1. Remember that energy is transferrable

Discuss ideas with honest people who want to see you win. These people may come in the form of family, friends, or mentors. I’m not a huge fan of announcing “coming attractions” when it comes to my goals so I only share my visions with a select few that can and will hold me accountable. From there, execute. Move in silence to the rest of the world until it’s time to unveil your results. It takes the pressure off you, and leaves no invitation for negative energy while you’re in your zone. Keep that small circle of people who “get it” and let the energy flow from there.

  1. Master the art of timing

There’s nothing worse than moving on an impulsive decision without being prepared. Success is often predicated on calculated moves after observing every aspect. You can still be ambitious and tactfully assertive, but the premise of this art focuses on discipline of self, and understanding how to allow opportunities to subsequently gravitate towards you. Consistently stay on your hustle, and that energy will resonate. Master your timing, and you won’t have to chase down anything out of desperation. Study what it takes to get to the next level, and plan your moves accordingly. There’s a proper time and space for everything. If you’re reaching career goals, network with Power Players and regard them as your peers and not your superiors or idols. Move with such finesse that you show them you have every right to be on their level. Be the most calculated in your decisions when it counts. Once the universe determines you’re ready, everything will organically move in your favor.

  1. Recharge your batteries

Meditate at least once a day to cleanse yourself spiritually. As people, we are in high demand with our spouses, children, friends, immediate family, employers, etc. and its highly draining. Meditate with a focus on peace, love, and gratitude. It can be hectic trying to balance so many external energies, but a major key to being outwardly successful, is to be centered from within.

– Dominique Nicole (@she_is_dominique)

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