New Music: The Game “Heaven 4 A Gangsta”


Image: Jonathan Mannion

With an immortal legacy lingering decades after his death, its hard to believe its been  21 years since Tupac met his untimely demise.  On today’s anniversary of Pac’s departure, The Game released his record “Heaven 4 A Gangsta”.


Paying tribute to the slain Los Angeles icon, Game shouts outs The Outlawz as the beat drops and delivers a Tupac style spoken word after the first verse.  If you recall, Master P released  his original version of “Is There A Heaven 4 A Gangsta” back in 1997 on the “Rhyme and Reason” documentary soundtrack as a tribute to Pac as well. Game’s 2017 rendition is inspired by Master P’s original, using a similarly cadenced hook. Both Tupac and Game fans will appreciate this for sure.

Listen to The Game “Heaven 4 A Gangsta” below:

Listen to Master P’s original “Is There A Heaven 4 A Gangsta” below:

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