Las Vegas To Host First Ever Co-Ed Professional Basketball Game in History


GMGB Owners Tiny and Master P

History will be made this weekend at the Las Vegas Cox Pavilion as the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League holds their exhibition game September 23rd. Master P’s New Orleans Gators will hit the court with Tiny’s Atlanta Heirs competing in a 5-on-5 never before seen professional co-ed basketball game.

Although the complete roster has yet to be released for either team, various interviews and press releases from the league’s website have confirmed big name pro athletes Carlos Boozer, Glen “Big Baby” Davis, Metta World Peace, and the Gonzalez Twins as apart of the Gators’ line up with WNBA Hall of Famer Head Coach Lisa Leslie. The Heirs have confirmed NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins as Head Coach with pro athletes Tammy Brawner (Harlem Globetrotters), DeAndre “The Mosquito” Bray, Tamera Young (WNBA), and LaJuane McCoughtry (Olympic Gold Medalist). Tiny held try-outs earlier this year, so it’s anticipated that The Heirs’ roster will be a promising one. Also just announced, Caron Butler will be on board as an analyst as well as an investor in the franchise ownership of the GMGB league’s Wisconsin Cheeseheads.

Not only does this go down in history as the first professional co-ed basketball league with equal pay, Heirs owner Tiny is making her mark as the very first female owner of a professional co-ed basketball team. This can be added to her list of accomplishments as a Grammy award winning singer/songwriter, as well it being another notch on her belt as an established business woman.

Master P wears multiple hats as an owner and president of the league; dedicating his influence and resources to benefit youth in the community under his GMGB Helps organization. The organization focuses on empowering communities through education, promoting health through athletics, and providing shelter for those in need. To say this event will be star-studded is an understatement. The Global Mixed Gender Pro Ball Showdown is expected to be a memorable showcase of high level athletic talent, and fun for all ages with an entertaining half-time show.

Atlanta Heirs

Owner: Tameka “Tiny” Harris

Courtesy of V-101

New Orleans Gators

Owner: Percy “Master P” Miller

Video Courtesy of Global Mixed Gender Basketball TV


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