Five Reasons Why We Love Cardi B

In light of her recent success of “Bodak Yellow” being the number one record in the country, Cardi B has been taking the overwhelming accomplishment in stride. The self-described “regular shmegular girl from the Bronx” has musically catapulted herself into her wildest dreams in the past year. Cardi may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she’s definitely someone’s glass of Hennessy.  Here are five reasons why we can’t get enough of her.

She’s her honest self.

Cardi gives very candid interviews with very little issue with being transparent about her past. Cardi has revealed she used to be an exotic dancer as well as previously carrying on a relationship with an incarcerated ex. She’s open about her body enhancements and how getting her teeth fixed was important for her confidence.

She’s intelligent.

While Cardi is making history on Billboard, she is also a huge fan of studying the subject.  “I’m good in History.” Cardi told The Breakfast Club Morning Show in 2016. “My favorite historical event I really study a lot: the holocaust events, and I really study like a lot of things of war.” Cardi attended college and studied Western Civilization and Political Science. She’s very socially aware as she has expressed her views on the Flint Michigan water crisis, as well as her political stance with Bernie Sanders during is presidential candidacy.

She has great energy.

The rapper who previously appeared on Love and Hip Hop New York has a feisty personality that can change the dynamic of an entire room. Whether it’s stage presence, interviews, or social media posts, her upbeat vibe is just as infectious and as her million dollar smile. Don’t be deceived though. Cardi keeps it on the upside, but she’s not to be confused with being a pushover. Approach social media trolling with caution; she’s a lover, and a fighter.

She’s hilarious.

If you’ve been to Cardi’s Instagram page presently and prior to her fame, you’re no stranger to her hilarious antics. Cardi speaks her unfiltered truth about how she sees life and can even poke fun at herself.

She’s the underdog.

Cardi has been out here grinding for a long time before her success of “Bodak Yellow”. She’s dropped two mix-tapes, and has had a strong social media presence; that ultimately got her placement on Love and Hip Hop. She frequently speaks about how she’s been counted out by her teachers, and her peers. Cardi’s ability to look past her critics, naysayers and the negative comments have landed her where she is today.

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