Sports Writer Mike Patton speaks on Shaquem Griffin Defying Limitations

There’s no denying that Shaquem Griffin is an extraordinary athlete and this was proven Sunday at the NFL scouting combine. The Central Florida linebacker ran the 40-yard dash in an impresseive 4.38 seconds and completed 20 repetitions, benching 225-pounds.

To describe the young prospect’s performance as outstanding is an understatement. Not only did he put his spectators in awe with his incredible speed and strength, he did so only having one hand. Mike Patton of Sports Awakening writes about the young phenom in his article “Limitations Will Not Define Shaquem Griffin” stating “Griffin went from likely undrafted to a guy that will more than likely be drafted within the first two days.” This also mirrored a similar assessment from Seattle Seahawks DB Richard Sherman tweeted Sunday morning.

Patton goes on to write “Griffin is a beast of a linebacker, so forget about his missing hand because he sure has and so have some scouts that have been evaluating him.” Shequem Griffin’s journey has garnered support, admiration, and inspiration amongst his peers as well as his fans. One can only hope that Griffin gets the opportunity to be drafted, as his passion and persistence has led him to where he is now as a remarkable player.

Read Mike Patton’s article in it’s entirety, here at Sports Awakening

Mike Patton is a sports enthusiast with an equally strong hunger for writing about sports. Follow him as he breaks down the biggest stories in sports from a unique perspective.

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