10 Things We Learned From Brother Love’s GQ Interview

Brother Love, formerly known as Diddy, made the cover of GQ’s April issue and got personal with the style magazine. Love has lived the dreams of a hundred men, and endured some trying times which have shaped him into the motivational force of positive energy that he is today. Below are ten things we learned from his sit down with GQ.

1. Diddy is serious about his new name “Brother Love”.

The pseudonym change shouldn’t come to any surprise. He switches between monikers frequently throughout his career as Puff Daddy, Diddy, and Sean Combs. “I like re-inventing. That’s probably why I have so many name changes. It’s why I follow David Bowie and Madonna.”

2. According the article, he was the highest-paid American musician of 2017, and he did not release any original music last year.

It’s no secret that music royalties are a constant stream of income, especially for a music mogul.  Love, receives a check every time a Bad Boy song is played is in rotation. Those residuals add up and if the game is played right, an artist’s grandchildren will be set for life.

3. He has a new talent search show in the works with FOX.

The Four, is Love’s new reality show on Fox, which is meant to compete with other talent programs such as The Voice.

4. He holds Kendrick Lamar’s level of talent in the same respect as Biggie.

When asked who he would compare to Biggie, talent-wise, his response was Kendrick Lamar. Reason being, “He gives you that feeling.”

5. He’s working on a project that empowers Black Businesses.

Love wants to develop an app along with Jay-Z to let users know the locations of black-owned and black-friendly businesses. He’s quoted saying “…the application will make it possible for us to have an economic community. It’s about blacks gaining economic power.”

6. His son Justin aspires to carry on the empire of Bad Boy as future CEO.

If Love retires (strong if), Justin Combs wants to be the next in charge, Combs tells GQ, “I want to be the second coming of him. Just being around my dad and seeing what he looks for in talent, that’s very exciting.”

7. His son Christian is still crafting his music career.

Christian Combs tells GQ he’s “trying to find my sound” and how his father is pushing him to greatness without the help of writers. Christian also reportedly has a new single with Chris Brown that will be released.

8. Expect a resurgence of Sean John clothing.

Love, is planning a new look for Sean John clothing. It’s described as “A lot of black and white,”. Nothing too gaudy but “street cool”.

9. He has never fully dealt with the death of Biggie and experienced depression a few years back.

In the interview, Love told GQ he hasn’t spoken to a therapist about that tragic day Biggie was gunned down in L.A. “I haven’t dealt with any of that yet. I try to get into it, but…that’s something that just hurts so bad. That’s a time that’s still suppressed.” Love also had a bout with depression roughly two years ago mentioning he had an addiction to his phone. He felt “far away from God.” And took a trip to Sedona Arizona to find himself.

10. His purpose is clear

Love is clear about is purpose in the world. When asked about mentoring young artists, his reply: “I think I’ve developed a mentorship relationship with the world…God sent me here to inspire…”

Read the GQ article here

Photo credit: Maciek Kobielski , GQ Magazine

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