Sports Awakening: The Good and Bad of March Madness

What is March Madness without high-level athleticism, hopeful predictions, thrillers, disappointments, and scandal? These elements make up the experience of NCAA Basketball’s most celebrated time of year. Sports Awakening’s Mike Patton observes the good and not so good sides of the tournament that is arguably one of the most watched events in college sports.

Mike writes “The attention and money can be good things, but there is always a down side to these tournaments and it really lies with the NCAA. The NCAA is a well oiled money machine and the product they push is the kids. They parade them out there for everyone to see and they don’t really get paid for how much they make. The schools and coaches are making out like bandits while these kids are not getting a dime. That should change and that should change immediately. The NCAA knows it and so does majority of people watching the games.” Read Mike’s entire article here at Sports Awakening


Mike Patton is a sports enthusiast with an equally strong hunger for writing about sports. Follow him as he breaks down the biggest stories in sports from a unique perspective.

Instagram: @sportsawakening

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