Master P’s pro-hoop team gears up for Labor Day game in Miami

Photo: GMGB

The University of Miami will host the Global Mixed Gender Basketball league’s exhibition game Labor Day Weekend Saturday, September 1st. The Global Mixed Gender Basketball league was created for high-level male and female professional athletes to compete on the same court, at the same time, earning equal pay. This has never been done in the world of professional sports. The GMGB league currently boasts five mixed gender professional teams with celebrity team owners. Owners include Master P (New Orleans Gators owner, and league President), Tameka “Tiny” Harris (Atlanta Heirs), Black Ink Crew’s Dutchess Lattimore  (Washington Fusion), Laura Govan (Chicago Vikings), and the newest owners of the Miami Ballers, Trina and Trick Daddy.

Despite Global Mixed Gender Basketball being a newly formed league compared to its professional counterparts, the concept of equality amongst men and women in the professional world of sports has been widely accepted and celebrated since the league emerged. GMGB has been featured in Ebony Magazine and has garnered support from NBA veterans Metta World Peace, Carlos Boozer, Caron Butler, as well as legendary WNBA veteran Lisa Leslie. It’s also been rumored that Global Mixed Gender Basketball will make history again by hold the very first mixed-gender Olympic games in the near future.

The upcoming Miami exhibition game will feature the New Orleans Gators competing against the Miami Ballers. We’ll see if the Gators have what it takes to get the win against Miami’s home court advantage.

Visit for more.

Photos, graphics,  and video footage courtesy of Global Mixed Gender Basketball league

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