Mike Patton for Sports Awakening: Cleveland’s Recovery for Game 2

With Game 2 taking place at the Oracle in Oakland, many believe the Cavs will even out the series from their Game 1 deficit against the Warriors. Sports writer Mike Patton explains why the Cavaliers still have a chance to redeem themselves in Game 2 of the Finals.

“The Cavs had a lot of things go right for them in Game 1. They had the game they wanted. Cleveland slowed down the tempo of the game, withstood the runs of Golden State (especially the third quarter runs they are famous for), played physical defense and had a very good performance from Kevin Love (21 points and 13 rebounds). They were right there to win the game and then a George Hill missed a free throw, an unexplainable play by J.R. Smith and a listless overtime period helped lead to a 124-114 loss to the Warriors at Oracle Arena. The feeling among many was the Cavs missed a huge opportunity. Golden State was definitely not playing at the peak of their abilities and they also were missing one of their most versatile defenders in Andre Iguodala. The Cavs chances of an upset look even slimmer than before, but how do the Cavs move forward after letting a potential win slip right out of their hands?”

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Mike Patton is a sports enthusiast with an equally strong hunger for writing about sports. Follow him as he breaks down the biggest stories in sports from a unique perspective.

Instagram: @sportsawakening

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