Mike Patton for Sports Awakening: Warriors Must Tighten Up for Game 2

The second game of the NBA finals is today, and while Cleveland fans stared dumbfounded at an epic Game 1 screw up by J.R. Smith, sports writer Mike Patton has his views on how the Warriors will need to tighten up tonight for Game 2.

“The Golden State Warriors won Game 1. They shot the basketball well, shooting 51.1% percent from the floor and 36.1% from the three-point range. Even with that, the Warriors needed a few breaks their way to win that game. Not exactly what was expected with the way the warriors shot the basketball and the way the Cavs were not exactly on target from three-point range. Nevertheless, the lead in the series is 1-0 for the Warriors and they have an opportunity to build on it tonight in Oakland. The scene is set perfectly for them to do so. They have the momentum, the home crowd, and they are facing a Cavs team coming off a tough loss. So with that being said, if the Warriors want to win this game, they have to be better than they were in Game 1.”

Visit Sports Awakening for Mike’s entire breakdown on how the Warrior’s should approach Game 2.

Mike Patton is a sports enthusiast with an equally strong hunger for writing about sports. Follow him as he breaks down the biggest stories in sports from a unique perspective.

Instagram: @sportsawakening

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